Corporate Mission

Technology serves society

Corporate Vision

Develop into an excellent enterprise existing sparklingly

Develop into an excellent enterprise of the employees’ proud and customers’ reliance

Business Policy

Attach importance to safety, environment and energy conservation, eliminate accidents

Superior quality, reasonable price, timely delivery and excellent service

Core Value

Principle of operation: contribute to the prosperity of society through deep cultivation combination

                                    of new technologies, creating products with unique and original value.

Principle of quality: improve quality and customer satisfaction

Principle of growth: improve individual production efficiency

Principle of employment: communication

Copyright (c) Nippon Carbide Industries (HangZhou) Co.,Ltd.    浙ICP备05075441  

Nippon Carbide Industries (HangZhou) Co., Ltd., a high-tech subsidiary invested by the Japan Calcium Carbide Industry Co., Ltd in China in December 1994, is one of the 16 enterprises invested by the latter globally. With a total investment of USD 74.60 million and an area of 160,000 square meters, it mainly manufactures retroreflective sheeting, food wrapping film and indication film.
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