Retro-reflective sheeting
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Retroreflective sheeting is a kind of fine optical product with the reflective function which integrates reflective glass microspheres with PVC and polyester polymers by adopting special technique. It can be applied to the business of road safety and vehicle safety widely.

CF Retroreflective Sheeting

Wide angle crystal grade retroreflective sheeting has used multiple microprism technology. Therefore, the retroreflective coefficient will substantially exceed retroreflective sheeting of all types. Furthermore, its retroreflective luminance will be the highest relatively and wide angle retroreflect...[Learn more]

CRG Retroreflective Sheeting

Crystal grade retroreflective sheeting, for its revolutionary transform of retroreflective principle, has retroreflective coefficient exceeding any other types of retroreflective sheeting, with relatively highest retroreflective luminance; its effective resistivity to climate enables its service lif...[Learn more]

HIM Retroreflective Sheeting

Super intensity grade retroreflective sheeting (HIM) has improved the formula resin based on the special performance of crystal grade and high intensity grade retroreflective sheeting. It is a new microprism retroreflective sheeting designed and developed with outstanding performance, which has exte...[Learn more]

UL Retroreflective Sheeting

High intensity retroreflective sheeting meets the III standard product of GB/18833-2012 Road Traffic Retroreflective Sheeting. Since its appearance in the 1980s, it has been quickly applied in global high-grade roads, city roads and defense works and maritime affairs for its unique high luminance, h...[Learn more]

SEG Retroreflective Sheeting

Engineering grade retroreflective sheeting is a kind of retroreflective sheeting known by people, which is structured by lens embedded glass beads that can directly influence the retroreflection effect of ray. Generally speaking, SEG retroreflective sheeting is limited in reflecting performance and ...[Learn more]

EG Retroreflective Sheeting

It is extensively applied in traffic signs of national roads, provincial roads, inner city roads and urban and rural roads.The surface layer of EG retroreflective sheeting adopts imported high-performance arylic resin as raw material, with high flexibility and stability. Therefore, it can endure the...[Learn more]

Car Body Security Product

NikkaliteTM car body security product, by providing outline display for trucks, freight cars and trailers and other large vehicles, offers outline and warning mark to transport vehicles with hazardous chemicals, and caution measures such as outline and special marks to school bus. Moreover, it helps...[Learn more]

Plate Number Grade Retroreflective Sheeting

Nikkalite™ plate number grade retroreflective sheeting has adopted excellent surface material, which is able to resist stamping. It has a wide application ranging from cold northern area to damp and hot southern area.[Learn more]

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